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Meet the Wild Bunch:
Our Seasoned Outdoorsy Crew


who are we?

Welcome to Okie Boys Adventures, where passion for the great outdoors meets an unbreakable family bond. Based out of Checotah, Oklahoma, Will Scott and his son Dylon, along with their loyal friends Bradley & Vinny, have transformed their lifelong love for fishing and hunting into a thriving business that helps others experience the thrill and beauty of nature.

As seasoned outdoorsmen, the Scott family, and their buddies, have honed their skills and knowledge in the picturesque landscapes of Oklahoma for as long as they can remember. Guided by his father Will, Dylon has grown into an expert hunter/angler, with his own unique approach and style.

Bradley "The Outdoorsman Extraordinaire": A true master of the wild, Bradley is the same age as Will and has a wealth of knowledge and experience under his belt. He's been exploring the great outdoors with the Scott family for years, turning their adventures into a camaraderie that has stood the test of time. Bradley's expertise spans all aspects of hunting, fishing, and wilderness survival, making him an invaluable member of the Okie Boys Adventures crew. His relentless pursuit of adventure and unyielding passion for nature has turned him into a living legend among fellow outdoors enthusiasts. As a mentor and friend to the Scott family, Bradley plays a crucial role in creating unforgettable experiences that capture the essence of the great outdoors.

Vinny "The Cool Apprentice": A fast learner and valuable addition to the Okie Boys Adventures crew, Vinny is known for his enthusiasm and cool demeanor. Under Dylon's guidance, Vinny has quickly mastered the art of using a live scope and noodling, turning him into a formidable outdoorsman in his own right. Vinny's passion for the outdoors and his eagerness to learn have not only made him an integral part of the team but also a fantastic companion on countless adventures. His laid-back attitude and genuine excitement for each new experience bring a refreshing energy to the group, making every trip even more memorable. With Vinny by their side, the Okie Boys Adventures family is ready to tackle any challenge the great outdoors has to offer.

At Okie Boys Adventures, we believe that sharing our passion and expertise with fellow enthusiasts is the key to preserving and promoting the great outdoor traditions we all cherish. Through our guided fishing and hunting expeditions, we aim to provide unforgettable experiences for all ages and skill levels.

In addition to our hands-on adventures, we are proud to share our love for the outdoors through our captivating video content. Showcasing our own thrilling expeditions, featuring the Scott family, and their comrades Bradley & Vinny, our videos offer a glimpse into the lives and passion that drive Okie Boys Adventures.

Join us, as we embark on unforgettable journeys through the great outdoors, creating lasting memories, and strengthening our connection with nature. At Okie Boys Adventures, we're not just guides and video creators – we're a family of passionate outdoorsmen, ready to share our world with you.

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